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Neopixel Facemask Using Arduino

In today's blog post, we have a super interesting and cool project. we will make a Neopixel LED facemask using arduino! We will make use of neopixel (WS2812B) LEDs and turn our boring mask into a litt! ( literally lit! ) facemask and stop the spread of COVID-19 with style and creative tech! Supplies: Neopixel

DIY Gimbal | How to make a Gimbal

In today’s culture we all love recording video and capturing the moments, especially when you are a content creator like me, you sure have faced the issue of such shaky videos from time to time. So in this blog we will make a DIY version of motorized Gimbal under $30, which will help you achieve

Billion years ago… (Early Humans)

. early humans Billion years ago, when first man ever walked on this earth, wouldn’t he felt grateful to be that guy who has whole world for himself to explore. Not just exploring the whole world but also getting to explore himself. getting to know his own intelligence, capabilities, decision making guts in world full

IOT Based Motion-Activated Security System

. Since very long time, I wanted to make practical use of IOT or say Internet of things. In one of our previous project, we made a Weather Station, which was mounted on our balcony and that project was just fabulous. IOT Based Motion-Activated Security System I wanted to try something more practical so today in

Diy Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

. Hello there electronic enthusiasts and hobbyists. In one of our previous Blog we made a DIY Arduino hand sanitizer dispenser and donated it to a Bank later. That project was made under limited resources but was totally functional, yet I wasn’t satisfied with that project. So today in this blog we will make a much more

IOT Weather Station Using Firebase and MIT App Inventor

Hello all during this Global Outbreak of COVID-19, the world is swiftly moving towards technology Dependence. Controlling things remotely and Working from Home is the new normal.DIY Weather station Learning Internet of things is the absolute necessity of time and making a Weather station would be the best way to learn IOT. So in this

How to make a Website in 2020

how to make a WordPress website in 2020 We will Learn to make a website in 10 mins. you’ll be able to make a website on your own, that too under 200 rs. A website is one of the most powerful tool for communication. It is also a unique way to connect with the world.Start


COVID 19 has provided world with sense of self introspection of there own country. Health care is major need of the hour for every country in the world. But that’s not the only need ,the technology is what makes it complete. When a county with developed technologies and healthcare can combat this pandemic efficiently. Though

learn python programming in 5 mins | part 1

Learn python programming in 5 mins In this Blog we will learn Python programming language in 5 mins since it is one of the most versatile and popular language used in Industries as well as few advanced Processor Boards too, in this video we will cover basic python commands, identifiers, keywords and datatypes. Let’s get

DIY Self Defense Electric Taser

DIY electric taser. We live in a general public, where 'crime-percentage' is expanding step by step, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to convey a blade or other self preservation weapons wherever at constantly, so here is the manner by which you can assemble your own 'Electric Taser'. Step 1: Gathering the

U.S.B. Charger for Motorcycle

As a Motorcycle User, We all vibe the need of Charger on Vehicle, yet tail Motorcycles don't accompany U.S.B. Chargers, so lets make one for ourselvesUSB Charger for Motorcycle Stage 1: Gathering the Requirements Material Required 1. USB Car Charger ( Fast Charger 2.1 Amp) 2. Wire (Generic) 3.Solder Iron (Soldron) 4.

Soldering: This Is What Professionals Do

Is it accurate to say that you are an Engineer?Learn Soldering Is it accurate to say that you are an Electrician or only a specialist who wants to fix their gadgets or manufacture one? You would go over a strategy called as "welding" in your life, and here is a video that will help you

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