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arduino lcd stick man game

hey there Electronic Enthusiasts! Kids, Adults, Seniors, in fact everyone loves games! so here is another Awesome Project based on Arduino, yes its a GAME, follow this pretty INSTRUCTABLE to make your own

Arduino LCD Stick Man Game!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 3: Upload the Code to Arduino

upload the attached code into your Arduino Nano Board.

if you find difficulty in uploading the code, here is a video that will help you to solve those problems

arduino lcd stick man game

CODE in.INO Format Attached in this step

Step 4: Connect the LCD and PUSH Button to Arduino

This is a simple arduino project, so in connections we just connected I2C L.C.D. display and a push button.

here is a video for I2C L.C.D. basics incase if you are new

Connection Summary

I2C LCD Display’s :

SCL– pin A5

SDA – pin A4

VCC – 5V



between pin D2 & GND.

Step 5: Mount LCD on the LEAD of BOX

to make the enclosure box, we will start with creating a slot for our LCD display on the LEAD of the Plastic box we choose for this project(arduino lcd stick man game)

to Mount the LCD:
  1. Mark the edges of LCD screen on the LEAD of Container. ( Dimension of LCD are 70mm X 25mm)
  2. use a ruler to draw accurate and straight lines along the edges of LCD.
  3. use a BOX Cutter to cut the marked area along the lines we created.
  4. Mark the holes using a CD marker with reference of holes on LCDs PCB board. (size of Holes is M3)
  5. using a hand Drill, plot the holes on the LEAD of BOX.
  6. mount the LCD and fix it with the M3 bolts and nuts.

Step 6: Mount the PUSH BUTTON

arduino lcd stick man game

the Push Button is used to interact with the user, it provides INPUT to the arduino.

to mount the Push Button:
  1. Mark the diameter of the switch using a CD marker.
  2. use hand drill to make a pilot hole and increase the hole using box cutter or use soler iron to directly create a hole for the required size.
  3. using the nut, fix the switch to the lead of the container.

Step 7: Mount the Arduino Inside BOX

to mount the ARDUINO inside the BOX, we will first need to make a slot on the BOX for USB to pop in.

to Mount ARDUINO:
  1. Using a permanent marker, copy the outlines of USB port of arduino
  2. Then using a Box Cutter, cut the slot for USB port.
  3. using the hot glue gun, fix the arduino nano in such a way that usb port comes out of the slot we created and thus usb port is accessible.

Step 8: Final Touch Up

to finish up this project,

run the wires using Zip Ties for cable management to make things look as clean as possible.

also you can color the box to make it look like your dream Xbox Machine.

use stickers or branding ( in case if you are a youtuber or instagramer) to personalize your gameboy.

Step 9: Make Your Own HighScore!

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arduino lcd stick man game

do you think you are the best?

beat my high score 61 and tag me in your stories




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