You’ll see how i edit photos for my posts and products. there are quite a few quick and easy ways to slightly edit your photos and make them look amazing! Basic editing of the pictures will make them look great.

Basic Rules

photo editing

Take pictures in natural sunlight. Pictures taken in natural sunlight come out awesome.

Clean up the area you’re shooting in. Keep it clean and organized.

Avoid flash.

Use tripod if you have one. Don’t take blurr images.

Photo Editing Tools

Adobe photoshop: this app has many of auto-fix features that work pretty well.

You can also adjust things like brightness, contrast, hue and saturation on your own as per your choice.

This app works great.

Step 3: Crop Your Photos

Bring the focus to the main subject and crop the unecessary background empty space.

Don’t make the image size too small while cropping.

Step 4: Adjust the brightness

Adjust the brightness appropriately.

Not too bright, not too dim.

Reduce the shadow . This would make the subject look good and will make it stand out.

Step 5: Adjust Saturation.

Saturation deepens the colors in photos.

photo editing

This makes them look more vibrant and good.

Don’t change the colors completely. Keep them similar to the original color.

Step 6: Contrast and Color balance

Balance the colors well of the photo.

Higher contrast means that the dark colors are darker and the light colors are lighter.

Do that as needed. Don’t overdo it.

Step 7: Text on pictures

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If you think you want to add text to the photos, keep that in mind while taking the photo and cropping it. Make sure it doesn’t look full and doesn’t cover the main subject. It would be good to leave a little empty space to add the text.

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