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early humans

Billion years ago,

when first man ever walked on this earth, wouldn’t he felt grateful to be that guy who has whole world for himself to explore. Not just exploring the whole world but also getting to explore himself. getting to know his own intelligence, capabilities, decision making guts in world full of difficulties waiting for him to make mistake. Wanting him to feel regret for every mistake he had made. But he was different from every other living beings around. He was the one who could achieve anything he wished for. That was the rarest thing every other living organism have ever seen. Enhanced breed of monkey are early humans.

So actually speaking we are animals with big brains.

Early human aka homo sapiens was well aware of his environment and his decision making power to choose best possible options he had to survive. So early human was a survivor, though he explored his surroundings very well but sadly he wasn’t self-aware, didn’t knew who he was deep down, what was his real purpose on this planet. So he decided to work according to his needs. He started to hunt, growing crops, building shelter ,colonise and thinking about to make his life worthy of living as per his expectation.

So every time he strive to achieve his goals, he looked at his near and dearest one for whom he was actually achieving for, though he was obsessed by his goals he would always wanted his family waiting for him at the end of his goals because that’s what made him complete human being. He became family oriented person, living in tribe, for tribe, devoting his life for welfare of his community. This all wasn’t his destiny, it was his choice.

Learning to prioritize his choices and options he had for better living.

We have his little DNA imbibed in ourselves. Also We as modern advanced humans have find solutions for every problems. We are becoming more self-aware than early humans. And We learned not just to survive but to live to innovate, expand our tribe on this beautiful yet undiscovered earth. we have learned to sort our priorities thousands years back and we are evolving every single day.

But not every human on this planet are same.

Some are leaders and other are their followers. So history only mentions leaders who were fearless, passionate in achieving their goals. So followers are the ones who are influenced by leaders lived their lives under the influence of the leaders. Today we have that differences too. Leaders are the one who had mastered in every aspects of life from becoming successful entrepreneurs to successful sports personalities. Followers are under influence of not only leaders but also under influence of their peers. we try to follow their lives in one way or the other. Like matching there daily schedule to reading their favourite books.

We plan to achieve our daily goals which are rather unrealistic or over exhausting in there own ways. We are one of the most disciplined living beings ever walked on this earth. So we plan our days according to our work. But the thing is in real world we won’t get everything what we ever dreamed of, so we improvise and settle for best possible life.

But in meanwhile while evolving we started becoming more dreamers and goal oriented humans.

So we started to maintain schedule to achieve those goals. We were social animals and still we are ,but the goal oriented approach that we have adopted gradually is overlapping our social traits. By doing that we welcomed more health related issues; stress, anger, anxiety etc. Society is our safety net to every leap of faith we take while achieving our dreams. Day after day we are destroying our self created safety nets with the dreams which are long enough to reach.

We plan our day according to our goals but not according to our needs. We miss our moments with our loved ones which are in fact our keys to success. The time we spend with our kids, with our family creating memories its the most important thing ever. You know when the person is on death bed the first thing he reminds himself is not his achievements, but the moments he spend life enjoying truly with his loved ones. So he actually smiles with his dead face remembering those tiny little bits and pieces of his life. We think we are independent but we truly are not. We are moulded by our parents in childhood and influenced by our peers in our teenage and then explorers for the rest of our lives. Our life is constantly changing according to our needs and goals.

early humans

Planning our days is perfectly plausible,

as its necessary for finding our path or our destination , but sometimes getting lost in path leading to success by enjoying it little might not do much harm, rather than losing your life at the price of success. Life is all about living and it resembles the road which we all are riding on. If we are wise enough we would get most of it by enjoying the journey. Living it daily year after year with our loved ones rather than worrying about the destination which in fact is same for all of us.


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