We are using windows as an operating system from the very beginning of our life. So have you ever thought what happened behind those clicks you make to copy, move,delete files in the Windows operating system?

That’s where LINUX operating system comes in.

Because IT Opens opportunities to learn in much better ways. so To understand how any instruction you make in windows or any device works in a real scenario.

LINUX is FREE and for everyone . And also it Doesn’t matter you are students working professionals. It provides a workspace for students and everyone.

That also too for free .

Where as windows charge heavily for the License SOFTWARE and office tools.

All come free with LINUX.

Thousands of Developers working day and night to make this open-source tech a giant every day.

There are so many packages and libraries for different platforms to easy your work.and without charging at all.

So for students, it would be better to practice commands from the very start. also To boost your career in the IT industry. And as most of the corporate Giant works on the Linux operating system.

It is secure from many trojans, viruses, malware in everyday life.

Also, it gives you the freedom to use your machine as per your requirement.

Whether you belong to IT, ELECTRONICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, also EXTC every branch requires Linux one or more subjects during academics.

So imagine if you already familiar with the command line .

So Wouldn’t it would be easy-peasy for you .go like a cream with those subjects.

Saurav Jha


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