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EL wire

while riding in Night time or During Rainy season in lots of Fog might be Fun, but its Dangerous too, so in this Very Simple and Easy Instructable, we will install Hazard or Safety lights on our Motorcycle Helmet !

Step 1: Watch This Video
in Hindi

in English

Step 2: Gather the Requirement

Step 3: Clean the Helmet

so First I’ll recommend cleaning the helmet with some Helmet Clear Solution… or any other General Purpose Cleaning Solution.

Remember !

And the goal here is get Helmet free from any dirt or oil.

Step 4: Stick It!

Now heat up the hot glue, and then just use small drops of it to secure the EL wire.

And remember, Do not use too much hot glue because it will make things look ugly.

Now from here, you can be Creative and make your own design.

I just followed the edges and the way I wanted, in the end, and it turned out to be great!

lastly, I used the Hot glue and secured the controller on the RIGHT side of the helmet as right side is Throttle Side,and Left Side is for Clutch, which wont be a Great Idea to mount.

Thats It!

You are Halfway Done!


Please be careful while using hot glue it can be painful if touched. So Never lay a hot glue gun on its side. and Place a piece of paper or cardboard under the safety stand to catch hot glue drips and prevent damage to the underlying surface. PS: If you don’t have hot glue you can use scotch tape.

Step 5: Powering the Wire

To power the EL wire we will use this ready made controller you can make one by yourself,

but lets save some time here and use the link from the STEP:2

and use the Controller as it is!

This controller just take two AA battery and it has Three Functions,

1) Continuous ON

2) Blink (~0.6 sec)

3) and Fast blink (~0.4 sec)

So Just plug in the controller and you are ready to GO!

Step 6: Enjoy the Dance Show

That’s it, you did it now enjoy The Dance! and Stay safe.

starting at 5:48 in Video!

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Also, Special Thanks to my Friend Nemeen from Nematic!


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