COVID 19 has provided world with sense of self introspection of there own country. Health care is major need of the hour for every country in the world. But that’s not the only need ,the technology is what makes it complete. When a county with developed technologies and healthcare can combat this pandemic efficiently. Though India is not been majorly affected taking death rate in account than USA,UK and other countries, but it already provided the repugnant picture of India’s healthcare as well as technological incompetence to tackle the problems with less amount of virus impact as compared to western countries. Covid 19 has provided a mirror to India to improve its technological advancements by focusing on the basic structure of education which is first step towards progress.


Engineers are the pioneers in development of the infrastructure ,technology which are the lungs of the economy of the country. Engineers are the greatest thinkers as well as the manufacturers of their own. Recently our world has been brought to its knees by Covid 19.

Everything has stopped instantly due to Covid 19 is wrong statement to judge the world as there are many background heroes(doctors and engineers) working congruously. Engineers are working to provide different architectural infrastructure from makeshift structure as a quarantine centres due to lack of beds in government hospital to ventilators for the patients.

Doctors are the primary service providers for the pandemic and we engineers are the secondary service providers for pandemic with different technological support as well as primary service providers for the doctors with different medical machinery.

So in general terms Engineers are the common denominators for this pandemic.


Covid 19 taught us two important aspects:


  1. Lack of Educational advancements
  2. Requirement of skilled technological workforce

Actually speaking the first point influences the second point. Let’s talk about second point first.


‘’Efforts and Passion are worthy when treated well’’

Encouragement and empowerment are the key to unlock the true potential that would drive future to our ultimate goal of sustainability. As a developing country we provide cheap labour to foreign companies. They hire our docile workforce for development and profit of their countries. There are many criticism over the unemployability of Indian youths. Many industrious personalities had raved about our incapabilities in producing skilful employees, it proves that the faults lies in basic structure of our education systems which judge our students on grading basis rather than knowledge perspective. I would like to suggest few question as a student which would be helpful for reviewing our education system:


1. Are our educational institutions have been accreditation?

2. Are our teachers qualified for particular course?

3. Does College have enough infrastructure to cater student needs ?

4. Why there is a need to be difference between government aided colleges and private autonomous institutions?

5. Does grading of institution have psychological impact on students from poor graded colleges than the best graded colleges?

6. Does college hours needed to be similar as typical office hours (9-5)?

7. Is our syllabus updated timely?

8. Does college have enough faculties for optional subjects that students interested in studying?

9. Does our syllabus encourage students for developing different skills?

10. Does our exam pattern emphasize more on theoretical rather than practical aspects?


These all questions are worth to exploring by keeping students in mind rather than one’s own perspective. Finland government which ranks first in best education system in the world . Reasons behind there success is that there education reforms are student centered rather than academics centered. This mindset help them to create holistic environment for education.


We are still doing well as per numbers which says India is ranked 37 among the best in quality of education systems according to World Economic Forum (WEF) rankings. The quality of math and science education depends upon public funding and the education system. The countries ranked up to 36 spent more than 6 per cent of their GDP on education against 3.3 per cent in India.

Dr Srini Bhupalam, an education expert, said, “We cannot expect any change in our rankings until the method of teaching is transformed into practical, concept and application based. “Our testing and evaluation methods also need to be transformed to measure students understanding and application for creative problem solving,”


But in spite of that India is the third largest country in the share of value of Billion dollar Start-up in the world. Kerala is among the states having largest start-up incubator centres, which endorses that skills are important than the marks in exams to our economy which implies development.


‘’Mind well-groomed is a mind well-educated’’

Educating a person by exams is same as training a dog to catch the imaginary bone. Opportunities are useless when we can’t teach our students proper skills required to grab an opportunity. Covid 19 has taught us that we are barking at wrong tree. We are chasing for well-trained students not well-educated students which is absurd. Its also providing the reflection of our education system by showing the loop holes in infrastructure for long distance learning due to lockdown crises and lack of teachers trained to teach online. Pressure of preparing for exams without proper knowledge of subjects.



Covid 19 has provided a perfect stage for engineers to provide technologically effective solutions.

Environment plays a key role in grooming new ideas. That’s what the engineers are deprived off. With proper balance between academics and skill development programs provided in there engineering course it would provide a sufficient boast toward the quality of engineers graduating from colleges. Proper planning and involvement of students in planning would provide government with beneficial feedback for improving. India, by improving its manufacturing and service sectors which includes technological fields could become next superpower.


Industries always look for the experienced persons in their respective fields. Its plausible also to employ experienced person rather than a callow person, but with proper educational reforms and encouragement necessary for the callow engineers with their exuberant ideas towards changing the world and there fresh and raw minds to explore the world and nuances between the technologies are worthy of proper opportunities.


Lastly, We Indians are known for our adjusting nature. We adjust to whatever adversary presented ,Covid 19 could cripple our economy but couldn’t cripple the sense of unity that is inborn when you are an Indian. We are better known as country who in spite of adverse condition always rises from ashes like phoenix and set an example for world to follow.



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