Learn python programming in 5 mins

In this Blog we will learn Python programming language in 5 mins since it is one of the most versatile and popular language used in Industries as well as few advanced Processor Boards too, in this video we will cover basic python commands, identifiers, keywords and datatypes. Let’s get started.

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Let us Understand what python is

Python is a general-purpose programming language.

We will Learn python programming in 5 mins

It is designed to be used for writing software in widest variety of application domain.

Python is object oriented

In object-oriented programming the programmers define the data type of a data structure, and also the type of operations that can be applied to the data structure.


Python is easily integrated with c, c++, java, etc.

Why do we need to study Python?

It is a very popular form of coding.

It’s very simple and it’s in demand. It is used in data science, artificial intelligence, web development and many more things.

These are emerging areas of technology which would help you further.

Therefore learning python is essential and important.

Downloading the the Python software

How to download the software?

follow the Download link below, Download the latest version of python. Install the setup and you are ready to go.

Syntax to display a string


print(“hello”) OR print(‘hello’)

strings can be displayed with single or double inverted commas.



To compile

Save file—> run—> run module

output is displayed in the python window shell.

Learn python programming in 5 mins

Syntax to display an integer

we can write print integers with or without inverted commas.





this will give the output: 1234




What is an identifier?

An Identifier is a name given to identify a variable, function, class, module or other object.

There are a few rules for naming an identifier:

  • Identifier starts with a letter or an underscore
  • It cannot start with a digit
  • It does not allow &,@,% and other punctuation characters.
  • Python is case sensitive.

How to assign values to the variable?

With the help of = sign

Assigning values to variables can be done with the help of ‘=’ sign


a= “apple” #(for string)

b=1234 #(for integer)

c=1.00 #(for floating point)


Keywords are the reserved words in python.

They define the syntax and structure .

Some of the keywords are print, import, try, else, if, while, finally, etc.

We cannot use keywords as an identifier.

Data Types

In python programming language There are 5 standard data types.

  • Numbers– 4 types(int, float, long, complex)
  • String– are words, sentences
  • List– list of number/strings/both
  • Tuple– tuples are read-only lists.
  • Dictionary– these are like hash tables.

Converting the data types in python programming language

For example

From int to float



the output will be 12.0

For complex number


the output will be 2-8j

#integer to floating point

float(12) #12.0

float(23) #23.0

# complex numbers


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