DIY electric taser. We live in a general public, where ‘crime-percentage’ is expanding step by step, it is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to convey a blade or other self preservation weapons wherever at constantly, so here is the manner by which you can assemble your own ‘Electric Taser’.

Step 1: Gathering the MATERIAL for Electric taser.

1. Zap Racket.

2. Screw Driver.

3. Hot Glue Gun.

4. Wire Cutter.

5. Cutter.

6. Screws ( 45 mm long).

These materials are required for DIY electric taser.

Step 2: Obtain the Main Circuitry.

remove the wire mesh from the circuit carefully, and cut the three wires connecting the wire mesh, without removing or disturbing any other component, circuit or equipment inside the plastic case of zap racket. This would be the main circuitry for diy electric taser.

Step 3: Connections

cut on of the three wires connecting to wire mesh from which the wire mesh was separated lately and connect those two wires ( + and – ) to the 45mm long screws at flat end ( top ) and secure the connection with hot glue. The connections for the electric taser is ready.

Step 4: Finishing steps for making DIY electric taser.

complete the assembly by placing the both ends of nails (i.e. + & – ) to the top of case and maintain a gap of 10 mm between them. secure this by the retained screws of plastic casing of zap racket and hot glue.

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