As a Motorcycle User, We all vibe the need of Charger on Vehicle, yet tail Motorcycles don’t accompany U.S.B. Chargers, so lets make one for ourselvesUSB Charger for Motorcycle

Stage 1: Gathering the Requirements

Material Required

1. USB Car Charger ( Fast Charger 2.1 Amp)

2. Wire (Generic)

3.Solder Iron (Soldron)

4. Binding Wire (conventional)

5.Hot Glue Gun(Stanley)

6.Wire Cutter(Multitec)

7.Switch( Generic)

8.Zip Tie(Generic)

Stage 2: ( OPTIONAL) Water Proofing the Circuit

this charger would be conceivably utilized in each season including stormy season, a layer of water evidence liquid would work

utilize a reasonable coat nail paint to shield the circuit from water.Charger for Motorcycle

apply 2 layers of clear nail paint to both the sides of pcb as appeared in video Charger for Motorcycle

Stage 3: Soldering

1. Recognize and POSITIVE and NEGATIVE terminals on the Charger.USB Charger for Motorcycle

2. Cut 2 bits of wires ( red and blue for my situation) into length of 2 meterUSB Charger for Motorcycle

3. bind the red wire on the base of charger.

4. bind the blue wire on any of the sides of chager.

Stage 4: Wire Management

deal with the wires by tying them utilizing ZIP TIE, to evade trap and wire stalling out into moving pieces of bike.

Stage 5: Setup

1. place the charger as per your comfort, which for my situation was close to the speedometer of my bike.

2. cautiously work the wires over the motor towards the battery compartment.USB Charger for Motorcycle

3. associate the positive of the battery to the RED wire.

4. associate the Negative of the battery to the BLUE wire.


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